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How to become the champion of the category?
  • he champion of each category will hold the Queen Gloves belt
How does a female boxer earn points for the Queen Gloves ranking?

Apart from the champion, the ranking of contenders will be determined by the scoring system below:

- A Victory at Queen Gloves = 3 points
- A Draw at Queen Gloves = 2 points
- A Defeat at Queen Gloves = 1 point
- Victory in the national championship final = 3 points
- Defeat in the national championship final = 1 point



Important Notes:

- The National Class B AFMT champion will start in Class A with a capital of 2 points.
- A fighter who achieves a victory in Class C at Queen Gloves will start in Class B with 1 point.
- Titles obtained in federations other than AFMT will not be taken into account.
- Points earned in a weight category will not be reassigned in case of a change in weight category. Therefore, a boxer may appear in the ranking for multiple categories.

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